Hi, I am Alishia Souza.

I am an award winning photographer from Northern California. I'm a proud mother and wife of 2 beautiful children. I have had a passion for photography as far back as I can recall. I remember running around the neighborhood as a child going through a disposable camera almost every day.

Photography to me is freezing moments in time that captures the essence of a person or place. I have a passion for all things photography! I offer a wide variety of ways to capture you journey, such as your business product stock photos, headshots for your business card and social media, or your more intimate moments of love (& self love), maternity, & family, or new art to display at your home or office.

In my free time, I enjoy going into nature, by myself or with family and friends, to capture wildlife, volcanoes, the stars, and waterfalls. I love the adventure of trying to capture that perfect photo. Bring me with you on your next adventure and we'll put together your story book.

I would love to be there for you and photograph your needs for your life journey. Tell your story with Alishia Souza Photography.


Tristan & Wade

Alishia has an eye for detail and always pleases. She’s very patient and knows what she’s doing. I will always come back for more! 💛

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